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A1/A2/DAS - Full Licences

To obtain a full motorcycle licence, you need to complete CBT, pass a theory test, and pass a 2-part practical test. The category you test for is usually dependent on your age:

Category A
if you are aged 24 or over, you may take your practical tests on an unrestricted machine of at least 595cc. You will be entitled to ride any capacity/power machine once you pass both parts, or modules, via the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) route.

Category A2
Those age 19-23 are restricted to motorcycles with a maximum power of 35kw (approx. 47BHP) and will take the practical tests on a machine restricted to limit. Once you have held a full A2 licence for 2 years, or you reach 24 years of age, you can take both practical tests again in order to 'progress' to a category A, unrestricted licence. If you wish to retake the tests less than 2 years after achieving your A2 licence (because you have reached 24 years of age), you will need to take your theory test again.

Category A1
This is a full licence for 'light' motorcycles, or 125cc machines, and can be taken from the age of 17. It does not allow you to ride a larger machine, but it does mean you can remove those L-plates, ride on the motorway, and carry a passenger (and you won't need to renew your CBT every 2 years).

The 2-part practical test is the same for all categories - watch the videos below to see what to expect.